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4 Skin Areas That Need Special Care

4 Skin Areas That Need Special Care  Our skin covers our whole body, not just our face. With so much attention aimed at treating the various bumps, boils and other blemishes that crop up in our facial area, it’s easy to forget about our other sensitive skin areas – and frankly, they’re in need of […]

Deep Ocean Water is Rich in Minerals

Deep Ocean Water is an ingredient in both, the Soothing Facial Mask and the Anti-Aging Facial Mask. Deep Ocean Water is rich in minerals and has been extracted naturally from negative pressure  sea water  in the light-free level of 800 meters below sea level. Deep Ocean Water contains molecules that are closer in size to human […]

Introducing Kaunis Soothing Facial Mask

Introducing Kaunis Soothing Facial Masks: Kaunis Soothing Facial Mask contains Deep Ocean water that is extracted from the negative pressure in the light-free level at 800 meters below sea level and has the molecular size close to the water molecules in the human body, so it easily penetrates the skin cell membranes to moisturize your […]