Why Milk is Good For Your Bones… But Bad For Your Skin

Why Milk is Good For Your Bones… But Bad For Your Skin

Got milk? Well, you might want to read this before you give yourself a milky mustache.

About 20% of the population consume more than a liter of milk a day. But a study recently found that people who drink two or three glasses of milk a day have a 44% higher chance of developing severe acne.

We all know calcium strengthens our bones and teeth, but what is it doing to our skin?

Milk contains an abundance of a growth hormone which is good for baby cows, but not so much for humans. Basically, it tells our body to start producing more sebum, the oil that coats our skin. Too much sebum glues our dead skin cells together and makes our pores ripe for bacteria to move in in the form of acne.

“Hold up,” you say, “If that’s true, then where am I meant to get my daily fix of calcium-rich dairy?”

Actually, milk isn’t the only source of the essential minerals your body needs for strong bones and teeth. Green leafy vegetables and soy products have plenty of nutritional shizazzle to maintain your body’s dietary needs.

Does that mean you can’t have a slice of cheesy pizza every now and then? Absolutely not. But should you think about replacing some of your dairy intake with foods like broccoli and beans? Probably.

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