Foods That Are Great For Your Skin

Tired of cheap drugstore remedies and skin cleansers that have no effect? Instead of indulging in expensive creams and serums, try these six exfoliating super foods for clearer, healthier-looking skin. Foods that are great for your skin:

#1 Red Wine
You heard right. Recent studies have revealed that the antioxidants found in red wine work effectively as a skin-softener and are easily absorbed through dry or sunburnt skin. Soaking in a bathtub full of red wine may seem like a dream, but smaller doses – such as foot and hand cleanses – work just as well.

#2 Fruit and Vegetables
Near the top (in our opinion) of the list of health benefits associated with eating fruit and veg is their ability to fight wrinkles. Nutritionist Paula Simpson has stated that lettuce and tomato can help keep your hair and nails clean, while spinach and cucumber can work like an anti-ager. If there was ever a time to consider going green, it’s now!

#3 Chocolate
Sun damage is most common in the summer months, when you may suffer from red or parched skin. Among the foods that combat the harmful effects of UV rays is chocolate, which helps to reduce inflammation and put out your facial fires.
Better add this one to your shopping list!

#4 Olive Oil
Scrubbing away at day-old mascara can clog your pores further and irritate sensitive skin cells. Recent studies have found that a cotton pad with a small dab of olive oil can remove even the toughest of make-up. Just remember to wash your face clean afterwards. You’ll look bright and ready for work the next day!

#5 Oatmeal
It may not be as glamorous as putting cucumbers on your eyelids, but it’s just as effective. Mix oatmeal into a thick facial mask and leave it to set for 10 minutes for a healthier-looking complexion.

#6 Lemon
You know what they say: When life gives you lemons, use them to give yourself a brighter complexion! To get rid of those pesky sleep shadows, apply lemon juice to a folded tissue or paper towel and gently wipe your face. The acidic qualities also aid in removing blemishes. You may want to hold your breath for this one.

Who knew that all the ingredients for healthy, glowing skin were sitting in your kitchen pantry? Be advised, if you suffer from allergies, always follow what your doctor says.

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