About Kaunis

about kaunisKaunis started when creator, Anna Easteden, had really dry, flaky skin with acne that would last for weeks. She felt she had tried pretty much every single skin care product out there, ranging from cheaper drugstore brands to the most expensive and high-end products. She found that some products would work temporarily but eventually always leave her feeling the same way. This lead to the beginning of extensive research of different products, ingredients, vitamins, supplements and much more. Her persistence eventually lead her to improved skin that was beautiful, glowing, clear and younger-looking. What is special about Kaunis is that creator, Anna, wants to share the products that have brought her so much comfort and ease in hope they will bring the same relief to others.

Knowing that skin problems, especially on your face, can be an incredible downer, lower confidence and even cause depression – ┬áit is our goal here at Kaunis to lift the spirit of others by providing the same relief we have experienced here. Kaunis values great ingredients, which is why our products contain ingredients that are certified organic. We also value animals, so none of our products are tested on animals and all the products are vegetarian formulas.

Kaunis is a Finnish word that means “beautiful” so it is our goal to show that everyone is truly beautiful and unique. We hope to enhance your beauty with Kaunis products.